Microsoft Office


COF-1: Word (4 months)

Prerequisite: None
Tuition: $600 ($150/months)
Book: $25 

COF-2: Excel (4 months)

Prerequisite: None
Tuition: $600 ($150/month)
Book: $25

COF-3: Power Point (4 months)

Prerequisite: Microsoft word
Tuition: $600 ($150/month)
Book: $25

Tuition $1800 (12 months)

Prerequisite: None

This course will enable students to become proficient at using Microsoft Office applications Excel (spreadsheet), PowerPoint (presentation), and Word (word processing).

Microsoft Word: Students will gain all the basic skills that you need to create a wide range of standardized business documents.

Microsoft Excel: Students will be taught how get around in Excel, make use of basic formulas and functions, filters, charts, and other basic skills. These skills are a must for all accounting related jobs

Microsoft Power Point: Students will gain all of the basic skills necessary for designing and creating attractive business presentations.

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