Electronic Assembly Workshop


Tuition: $900 (6 months - $150 per month)

Prerequisite: None

Books: $100

Modular soldering Station, Series Magnifier, Oscilloscope, Microscope, SMT system, DC power supply, Cutters, Pliers, Tip-­T-Tweezers, cables, wires, Electronic fan, Digital multi-­meter, Semiconductors, IC’s, Diodes, Transistors.

Electronic assembly knowledge as: soldering procedure, components identification, color codes, schematic symbol. Students learn how to touch up, rework, wiring cable on the PC board.

SMT: experience hand on Surface Mount Technology with knowledge and components identification, specification, technique hand on soldering on the SMT boards.

QA & QC: Provide students with knowledge on Quality Assurance and Quality Control as: Process control, inspect production how to fit standard requirement from industry. The student will be able to trace out short circuits in wiring, using test meter, disassemble defective electrical equipment, replace defective or worn parts, and reassemble equipment, using hand tools. They will utilize effective soldering hand technique

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