CNC Programming

CNC program

CNC-1: Geopath (CAD/CAMsoftware)

Prerequisite: Microsoft Word
Tuition: $1,800 (9 months - $200 per month)
Book & Software: $100

CNC-2: MasterCam
MillMachine: 2D, 3D and MultiAxis

Tuition: $2,250 (9 months - $250 per month)
Prerequisite: Microsoft Word

- 2 & 3 Axis has 2-books: $150
- Multi-Axis has 1-book: $200


Tuition: $1,200 (4 months - $300 per month)
Prerequisite: Microsoft Word
Book: $75

Students will learn to write the program for machine shop by using CNC Programming software system in order to communication between computer and machine shop. They will be able to program of two, three-­axis   and multi-axis into Computer Numerical Controlled grilling and milling machines.

Instructors will direct lectures, hands-­on labs and projects using GEOPATH Cad/Cam software and MASTERCAM software systems will comprise the majority of lessons. An understanding of these programs and the importance of such computer fundamentals as file management and software usage will be taught in an integrated manner.

Students will know how to modify programs and solve any problems  encounter during operation and save modified programs, calculate machine speed and feed ratios, the size and position of cuts and insert control instructions into machine control units in order to start operation.


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